Asking Grandad

by Dinah Darby

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"Such a lovely book to read for any age! You can see the hard work put into this book. The story line is lovely and I would recommend it for anyone who is looking for a brilliant read. Overall a lovely book especially for children."

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Asking Grandad

by Dinah Darby

B-format paperback
88 pages, 129mm x 198mm
ISBN: 978 0 9928554 1 3
Price: £5.99 post free to UK mainland addresses
Publication date: April 2014

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'They came in that way Toni.' Grandad pointed to the right. 'That night, it was full moon you know.' I looked up at him as he gazed into the distance. 'You could tell they were German planes, because they made a different sound to ours. We were terrified.'

Toni is a tomboy on a mission, determined to find out why Grandad is acting so strangely. She knows something is wrong because he didn't like her new Airfix plane; usually he loved everything she did. Then he wasn't excited about an old Luftwaffe pilot coming to Bath to say sorry for bombing the City sixty-six years ago ... As Toni uncovers more of Grandad's secrets she learns some painful truths about his past and has to face a difficult decision herself.

From the author:

When we moved to Bath in 1999 I didn't know that it had been bombed until the 60th anniversary in April 2002. As someone who is totally fascinated by World War II, I was ashamed of myself for not being aware that it had suffered such destruction and sadness. As I learnt more in Niall Rothnie's book The Bombing of Bath where people recalled the evenings so vividly, the seeds for Asking Grandad started taking shape. Some years later, I watched the BBC documentary The Forgotten Blitz at the same time as my daughter and her friends started making Airfix Spitifres. I looked around for a children's story that would explain the Blitz but unfortunately I couldn't find anything. As their interest grew and I started telling them more about the Blitz they encouraged me to write the story.

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