About the author

Nick Catford is a world-renowned cameraman and is probably the most accomplished subterranean photographer working today, specializing in sites of cold-war, military and industrial archaeological interest.

He is the custodian of the highly authoritative Subterranea Brittanica website, the accuracy and depth of research of which has gained the respect of the general public, the media and government bodies alike.

Nick Catford contributes frequently to the media on the history of Britain's military and cold-war underground infrastructure.

Reviews on Amazon

"Well done, Nick Catford, for recording these fantastic structures for the nation. Your dedication on visiting, researching and photographing these buildings is astounding. The book is brilliantly illustrated throughout with high quality photographs which show the dilapidated, vandalised state of these historical bunkers. A highly recommended book which complements Second World War Secret Bunkers."

"As a child of the Cold War years, I have a mixture of excitement, nostalgia and anxiety about anything relating to nuclear Armageddon. This book very matter-of-factly takes you through a tour of the UK's cold war era bunkers, and it really is fascinating. Very highly recommended."

"I pre-ordered this from Amazon a few months before its release and knew what to expect being a fan of the author’s previous work. Within a week of the book landing on my doorstep my father had borrowed it, he in turn lent it to a friend who then lent it to his son who took it into school. In the end I cut my losses and bought another copy! Anyone with even a passing interest in the Cold War or Military History will love this book, it is full of facts and fabulous pictures with the author going into just the right amount of detail without treating the reader to a painting by numbers style account which many other books on this genre seem to do. A very well researched and and superbly written book, I highly recommend it."

"Members of Subterranea Britannica have long known of Nick Catford's brilliant photography and encyclopaedic knowledge of Cold War bunkers. Now everybody has the opportunity to enjoy this fascinating subject. The book is superbly produced and printed with a host of previously unseen photographs accompanied by descriptive text that shows the author's knowledge of this subject. This book will become an authoritative reference work as well as a superb read. After reading through it non-stop I now pick it up and choose a particular chapter to read in depth. One of the advantages of having an expert compose his own photographs is that the photographs show what will be of interest to the reader rather than ‘general’ shots."

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Cold War Bunkers

by Nick Catford


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Hardback with dust jacket
224 pages, 254mm x 254mm
ISBN: 978 0 9564405 2 5
Price: £24.99 post free to UK mainland addresses


Cold War Bunkers is the third volume in a series of high-quality photographic records of Britain's underground heritage. Other volumes cover the wide range of underground structures built during and in preparation for the Second World War, and also the surviving relics of the world-famous subterranean stone quarries of the Bath and Corsham areas of the West of England.

The large-format volume contains approximately 450 colour photographs accompanied by comprehensive captions and an authoritative text.

In many instances Nick Catford has been granted unprecedented access to many highly sensitive sites in order to compile the collection of images reproduced in this book.

Cold War Bunkers is a comprehensive photographic overview of all the underground, semi-underground and surface-built cold-war atomic and nuclear bunkers built in the British Isles to protect central, regional and local government, military organisations, the Civil Defence organisation, the Royal Observer Corps, UKWMO and the public utilities against nuclear attack by the Soviet Union between 1946 and 1989.

Amongst the sites represented in this volume are: